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Premature Baby Growth and Development


Premature Baby Growth and Development

In this article, we will discuss premature baby growth and development. When a mother got the news of her pregnancy, she gets overwhelmed and starts dreaming about her baby. She desperately waits for that time when she can hold her baby in her hands. We all know that pregnancy period is 36 weeks and a normal baby born after nine months of pregnancy. But what if a baby borns before time, i.e. in less than 36 weeks of pregnancy. That baby is called a Premature baby who born before the due time.

Premature babies are weak and may be at a risk for some long-term problems because of an immature brain and nervous system. Parents are concerned about their children health as preemies face some health risks. Though all preemies are not at risk, they too have the same milestone as normal babies.

Growth and Development of Premature Babies

How a premature baby learns, expresses himself and how he grows is the main concern. His growth and development depend on his birth time. The earlier the baby born, the higher the risk of his health. So, it is necessary to keep an eye on the area where you think your baby is lacking.

Though every child develops in his own way which is different from others. It all depends on the genetics, the environment around the child and the influences as well. The delay or lack of premature babies is in the development of motor skills.

Premature babies are though well, have a little delay in their development. Whereas, their growth is quick. Those babies whose prematurity is related to some medical conditions might have slow or delay in their development.

Baby’s Growth and Development Chart

It is necessary to understand and to update your baby’s growth chart to keep an on his growth and development. There is a record book, called Personal Child Health Record, which has growth chart, through which you can compare your baby’s growth. It is mentioned in that, babies born less than 32 weeks come under the low birth weight chart, whereas, babies born between 32-37 weeks come under the preterm chart.

A baby is measured in centiles and his growth depends on the weight that normally increases at different age levels. If the baby is in the sixth centile of his age that means if you ask 100 children to stand according to their height in increasing order than your child is at the sixth position and the child on 100th position is the tallest one. Also, there are always separate charts for girls and boys, as their bodies and height always differ.

Premature babies grow slowly step by step in the beginning, but by the age of 2 or 3 they catch up with the peer group. Generally, parents of preemies compare their children with other kids which is wrong. It is better to encourage your babies development by giving a helping hand to the child instead of comparing with others.


In this article, we have discussed premature baby growth and development. Premature babies need time and help as well for the right growth and development. It is necessary to keep an eye on your baby growth and development, that absolutely depends on the atmosphere and influences around.

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