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How to Improve Digestive System in Kids


How to Improve Digestive System in Kids

In this article, we will discuss how to improve digestive system in kids. These days many kids are facing the digestive system problems. Earlier adults used to suffer from digestion problems such as bowel, constipation, and diarrhea and there are many other digestion issues. These problems are causing because of the poor or inappropriate eating habits.

Best food for digestion

We have to be aware that if the digestion is impaired if the food is not being broken or absorbed properly then it can create health problems. To improve a child’s digestion it is necessary to follow some tips for the healthy digestive system that will help their body’s access to nutrients.

Tips to Improve Digestive System in Kids

Here are some tips that will help you in improving your child’s digestion and digestive system as well.

1. Reduce Processed Foods  

Generally, kids love to have processed food and most of this processed food contains excessive sugar that can cause digestion problem. Instead of giving your child processed food, it is better to give him homemade snacks. Through this, you can keep a check on what to add and what not.

By adding fruits and veggies to their daily routine you can add an adequate amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins to your child’s diet. Add as much as options you can so that they don’t miss those processed snacks. Also, along with the homemade food keep their water intake up as well so that this helps them in flushing out the toxins from their system.

2. Keep the Drinks Away from Meals

As many children like to drink something like cold drink, cold coffee or juice when they are having their meals. This combination slows down the digestion process because of the liquid consumed.

So it is good to keep the liquids away while having meals. Also, you can drink 15-20 minutes prior to your meal or approximately 40-45 minutes after your meal. This way the food will be digested properly and will make your digestive system strong.

3. Say NO to Overeating

We all know that kids are innocent and so they do not know the right proportion of food they need to take and how much is appropriate. It is the parent’s duty to keep a check on that to avoid overeating. Overeating also puts pressure on our system because it doesn’t break down the nutrients properly. So parent’s should first give them a small portion and food and rest keep aside so that the kids do not overeat.

4. Eat With Awareness

These days generally kids eat while watching TV or playing a game on mobiles or computers. This habit is also one of the causes of poor digestion. Our body doesn’t digest the food properly if it is distracted. It is good to avoid all the distractions at the time of eating your meals. Parent’s should keep in mind that while eating there should be no TV, Computer or mobile. Kids should do mindful eating so that the body digest the food properly.

5. Eat After Every 2 Hours

Kids are least bothered about their meals and meal timings. Sometimes they get busy in playing or in watching TV that they forget to eat or refuse to eat. This habit again can create problems in a digestive system. They should eat regular or small of food every couple of hours so that the food gets digested properly, instead of three big meals which may not get digested properly.

6. Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds are good for digestion in kids and as well as in adults also. These are rich in volatile oil that removes the flatulence and nausea problem. Generally, indigestion in kids happens because of overeating or fatty food.

Fennel seeds help in getting rid of indigestion. You can take these seeds either directly by chewing or else boil one teaspoon of fennel seeds in half cup of water. Cool it and drink it twice a day to avoid indigestion problem.


In this article, we have discussed how to improve digestive system in kids. Kids spent most of their time in studying, playing and watching. For them, food is anything which they like and this can be a burger to a pizza or any processed food. This kind of food is not good for health and can create digestion issues. Here, we have shared some tips that will help you in improving the Digestive System in Kids.

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