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What Period Blood Color Says About Your Health


What Period Blood Color Says About Your Health

In this article, we will discuss what period blood color says about your health. For many of the women, menstruation or period begins at the age of 13-15. Women generally bleed after every 21-35 days which is a normal cycle. Periods are used as a vital health sign in women. The number of days of the cycle or the textures or the color indicates few things about your health.

Sometimes it depends on the blood color that you need to see your doctor because some colors considered as healthy and some are the reason to visit your doctor. In case you discover something unusual or if the color of the period blood is different then you must visit a doctor.

Everything from the irregular periods to the changing of the blood color indicates something related to health issues. Generally, girls or women are more concerned about the date of the periods and fail to realize the color of the blood which is also important like your due date.

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Here are some of the tips through which one can know that which color of your period says what about your health.

Implications of Various Colors of Menstrual Blood

Period color varies from bright red to blackish or black to dark brown. Though most of the colors are considered as normal, there might be cases that are the sign of some disease.

Bright Red

Bright red color means that the periods are fertile periods and the blood has been produced recently in the uterus. Fertile Periods are basically when the flow and the volume are normal but in case, if the flow is shorter than the normal periods then it is the time to visit your doctor and get your hemoglobin and thyroid tested.

Dark Red

Dark red blood color means that the blood was produced earlier in the uterus but took a long time to excreted because of some hormonal imbalance. Sometimes it happens that the blood is collected in the vaginal canal after the lining broke down and later come out with the urine. This is normal if this happens once in the morning but if it is happening throughout the day then this might be because of hormonal imbalance.

Brown or Black Period Blood

Brown or black period blood color means old blood. If this black color blood happens at the end of the cycle with the lite flow then it is normal because in such situations the blood gets stuck for a long time in the uterine.

Whereas, on the other hand, if there is an irregularity of flow or some spotting is there, then you must visit your gynecologist. According to the studies, it is found that women with the history of fibroids and endometriosis have this black menstrual blood problem.

Pink Period Blood Color

Pink period blood color means there is a deficiency of essential nutrients in the body along with imbalanced diet and because of anemia. Pink color means impaired red blood cells density or insufficient iron in the body. An improper density of red blood cells can lead to poor oxygen to different body organs including the reproductive system.

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Orange Period Blood Color

Orange color period blood means that the woman has an infection. Also, if there is a bad odor along with severe pain then it can be STD/STI infection.

Grey-Reddish Mix Discharge

There can be 2 things if a woman facing grey-reddish mix discharge. Either the woman is pregnant and it is an early miscarriage or it is the signal of STD/STI infection.

When to Visit Doctor

Many times, you may see variety of color and textures with your periods even if you are healthy. There are some reasons when you should visit to your doctor.

  • If your monthly cycle is irregular.
  • If you have not your period for 2 or 3 months.
  • If you have unusual pain with unusual bleeding symptoms.
  • If you twice in a month between your cycle.
  • If your cycle is shorter or longer than unusual time.
  • If you start bleeding again even going through menopause.


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