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How to Improve Large Intestine Function


How to Improve Large Intestine Function

In this article, we will discuss how to improve large intestine function. We all know that our lifestyle plays a major role in affecting our digestive health. Today many of us prefer to eat junk food or packed food because of the hectic schedule and this cause major problem in our digestive system. Sometimes we are not aware of the problem and after we realize after it becomes worse and makes us sick and overweight.

When we talk about our digestive system we mean small intestine and large intestine that helps in digesting the food. These two types of intestines handle the digestion process. The small intestine manages the middle part of the digestion and is connected to the stomach. Whereas, the large intestine which is also called as Colon is the large tube that flushes out the waste from our body. It is the final and last stage of the digestion process.

The main function of the colon is to store the food residues and to absorb water. Many of us are not aware of the fact that about 5 gallons of fluid are stored into the large intestine every day. This fluid is stored to prevent our body from becoming dehydrated. This process takes time and till the food residues remain there and because of the bacteria present there, might create problems. That depends on the food you eat or the type of food you eat.

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It is said the cause of most of the disease is the inability to digest the food properly. It does not matter what we eat but what we digest and absorb into our bloodstream is more important. Maybe you are eating the best food on the planet but if it’s not digesting and if you are not absorbing the essentials like minerals, vitamins, and nutrients then that best food is of no use.

There can be many problems that can be caused because of the poor digestion like Colitis, Constipation, Leaky Gut, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, and the list goes on if you won’t learn how to digest your food properly.

How to Improve Your Digestive System Function

Here are few things to know if you want to know how to improve large intestine function or how to improve your digestive system function.

1. Chew your food properly

Most of the people don’t chew their food properly. The eat the food either in a hurry or while multitasking. It is necessary to chew the food properly while eating so that your meal gets fully masticated with the saliva while chewing. This helps in breaking down the food before it enters the stomach. Swallowing whole chunks of food particles is not good for the health and can cause many health problems.

2. Avoid drinking water while eating meals

Many times we have seen that people are sipping water, sodas or juices with their meals which is the worst thing they do. Our stomach needs ample amount of acid that turns the meal into a liquid state that enters your intestines. Whereas, if the body consumes the liquid with the meal, your body has to work harder to turn that food into a liquid. This makes the body stressed and tired after the meals.

3. Lose Weight to Improve Large Intestine Function

We all know that being overweight has a very negative effect on our health. Obesity is one of the major risks that cause colon cancer. Excess body weight promotes hormonal imbalance and a hormone that regulates glucose called insulin elevates in overweight individuals. This situation can become worse since the excess amount of insulin can develop a tumor in the large intestine. So, a healthy diet and weight control are necessary for a healthy digestive system.

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4. Probiotic Foods to Improve Large Intestine Function

Probiotic foods are some kind of healthy bacteria that are naturally present in your digestive tract. These probiotics enhance the nutrient absorption that breaks down the lactose and strengthens your immune system.

5. Stay Hydrated and Eat on Time

Drinking plenty of water is good for your digestion. Also, fiber pulls water into the colon to create softer and bulkier stools so that it passes more easily and without any pain. Another thing which is important is to eat your food in time to keep your digestive system in shape. To make your colon healthy it is advisable to take your meals around the same time each day.

6. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise keeps your digestive system healthy and reduces constipation by keeping the food moving through the digestive system. Also, it maintains a healthy weight, manages stress or anxiety.


In this article, we have discussed how to improve large intestine function. What we eat and the quality of our digestive system are both related. By following these 5 strategies you will be able to make them healthy.

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