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How to Gain Healthy Weight Naturally


How to Gain Healthy Weight Naturally

In this article, we will discuss how to gain healthy weight naturally. We all know that in today’s fast life maximum generation is overweight and desperately want to lose weight. In fact, losing weight is their top priority so that they maintain their health and fit body.

Whereas, on the other hand, there are some who don’t have to do anything to become thin, they are naturally thin and wants to gain weight. For then putting on weight becomes a big challenge. It doesn’t matter to them if they eat a lot.

In actual, to gain weight you need to add more calories to your diet than the calories your body burns. One of my known people was a skinny and desperately he wants to gain weight but was unable to put on weight. He used to eat a lot and almost 7 to 8 meals in a day just to gain some extra kilograms to his body.

Even after eating a lot, he was so disappointed with his body which was still skinny and did not gain even a single kilo. He also ate weight gain supplements but again that was also of no use and just left him in depression. It became difficult for him to go out because people use to make fun of him because of his thin body. I know, many of you must be going through with the same phase.

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Then, there was a day when I met him almost a gap of 4 months and he was a different man. He was looking so good and has gained almost 7-8 kgs in these months. It seems like a miracle to me, so I ask him about this amazing change in his body.

Then he told me about the routine he is following from the last four months that helped him in gaining weight. Here are the tips to gain weight.

Tips to Gain Weight

The most important ingredients that make you muscular from skinny are training, nutrition, and consistency.

1. Health Checkup

The very first and important task is to go for a checkup to know the root cause of your problem that why your body is not able to gain weight. Talk to your nutritionist and your doctor as well to find out the core problem. This will help your nutritionist to make a proper diet for you that will help to gain weight.

2. Right Food for Healthy Weight Gain

Generally, those who are skinny assumes that they can eat anything or everything. However, this is wrong and it needs to work out. There should be gradually and healthy weight gain. If you increase the daily intake of calories by per day by at least 500kcal, your body will start gaining 500 gms every week. This way you can easily gain 2kgs weight every month, rest depends on how your body responds.

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3. Lift Weights for Lean Mass

The aim of the skinny person is to increase the lean body mass and for that you need to do some heavy weight lifting. These heavyweights exercises include squats, pull-ups, rows, deadlifts, presses, jerks, and cleans. This weight lifting and exercises will engage multiple muscles.

4. Weight Gain Diet and Healthy Heart

Many times just to gain weight we start eating those food items that are high in calories but are harmful to us. We need to eat that gives us healthy fat and not that fat which only harm our body. Instead of unhealthy snacks like chips, burger or pizza add healthy snacks like dry fruits, fruits and dry snacks in your diet. Foods that are rich in fiber are good for you but make sure you need to increase your appetite slowly and gradually.

5. Increase Protein Intake

Protein intake is necessary for a body and the ideal intake of anybody either thin, fat or healthy is 1 gm/kg. This basic requirement will help you in maintaining a healthy body with lean body mass. For your daily protein consumption, you can include foods that are rich in protein like chicken, spinach, tofu, etc.

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6. Food rich in Calories

Generally, people eat anything or everything to gain weight and in this, they add more of empty calories than healthy ones. Empty calories come from the food that is processed, whereas, healthy calories come from natural foods like vegetables like fruits and vegetables. You can also add homemade butter to your diet like almond butter and peanut butter.

7. Avoid Unhealthy Food Habits

If a person is skinny that doesn’t mean he is healthy, it is just a misconception and because of this misconception, they make many unhealthy mistakes like skipping their meals, eating junk food, eating at odd timings, etc. All these habits can affect your weight.


In this article, we have discussed how to gain healthy weight naturally. There are many different reasons for not gaining the body weight. It is very important to understand the reason for not gaining weight. These tips will help in gaining healthy weight naturally without adding any medicines or supplements.

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