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How to Reduce Breast Size Fast at Home


How to Reduce Breast Size Fast at Home

In this article, we will discuss how to reduce breast size fast at home. We all know that breasts are considered as a sign of femininity and beauty of a woman. All women want their breasts to be perfect size and shape.

All women have different sizes and unfortunately, sometimes the breast size becomes bigger because of some issues like hormonal changes, breastfeeding, and obesity. Sometimes, certain drugs also make the breasts bigger which might cause some physical and emotional problems to some.

Big breasts can cause the rash under breast which can turn into blisters also if not taken proper care, neck pain, and tenderness. On the other hand, it can also affect your confidence level and makes you look less attractive.

Many of them think that how to decrease breast size or how to improve breast size. Well, the answer to your questions is that just by changing your lifestyle and diet you can easily turn your big breast or big boobs to small breast.

Home Remedies and Methods to Reduce Breast Size

Here are some home remedies and different methods that will help you in reducing breast size fast at home without any medication.

1. Change Eating Habits

There are three major components of the breast and one of the major components is fatty tissue. These fatty tissues stores fats in the breast and that makes the breast size bigger. A healthy and proper diet is necessary for the proper weight management. Here are some healthy eating tips that will help you in reducing breast size.

  • Foods that have less fat and are lower in calories helps in losing weight and reduce breast size.
  • Instead of chapattis and rice, opt for seasonal fruits, as fruits contain antioxidants and this will help you reduce weight as well as breast size.
  • Just like fruits, vegetables are also a good source of nutrients and antioxidants. Give more preference to green leafy vegetables as these are cruciferous vegetables and help in reducing weight.
  • While reducing weight, you can also depend on more of proteins as proteins are very important for losing weight. Seafood is a good source of protein, so you can also opt for fishes like tuna, salmon, etc.
  • Another source of energy is the nuts like walnuts and almonds, as they also provide nutrients to the body and boost metabolism.

2. Ginger Root

Ginger is known for its several health benefits. It is used for curing cough and throat, but you will be amazed to know that it is also used for weight loss. It burns excess fat of the body and that will reduce your breast size. You can make ginger tea and have twice a day to reduce weight.

3. Wear Right Type of Clothes

Like food, it is necessary to wear the right type of clothes as well. Choosing the right type of clothes according to your body type makes you visually different. Choosing the smart clothes make you look slim and visually reduce your breast size. Here are some types of clothes, patterns, and colors you can choose to wear.

  • Wearing necklines like cowl necks, front wraps necks, v-neck reduces the effect of your breast. You can also wear stalls and shrugs that will look smart as well as will make your big boobs look smaller.
  • To look slimmer you should wear dresses that have good fall as falling dresses gives a proportionate look.
  • While choosing the pattern for your dresses, make sure you choose vertical patterns instead of horizontal pattern clothes. Horizontal clothes give a wide effect to the body. Also, try to avoid big floral patterns and tight clothes.
  • Light color clothes make you look wide, whereas, darker ones will make you look smaller so choose clothes with darker shades.

4. Exercise

Regular workout is equally important for making the body firm and for reducing overall body fat. With exercise, more calories will burn and this will also affect your breast size. You can opt for different workouts like cardio exercise or anaerobic exercise or both.

5. Indian Lilac and Turmeric

Indian Lilac is known as Neem tree in India. Both neem and turmeric have anti-inflammatory antiseptic properties helps in getting rid of breast inflammation and also reduces breast size. You don’t have consumed neem leaves, rather make a drink of it along with the turmeric powder.

Take a cup of water and add few leaves of neem and one tablespoon of turmeric powder. Boil it for 3-4 minutes and leave it to steep. Now, strain it and drink it sip by sip twice a day. This will reduce your body weight, that will automatically reduce your breast size.

6. Green Tea

Green Tea has several health benefits and was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to control many health issues. It is used to heal wounds, control bleeding, aid digestion and also regulate body temperature. It has positive effects on almost all the health issues from weight loss to diabetes and liver diseases.

As we know that it is effective in weight loss, it also helps in reducing breast fat. Green Tea burns the calories and reduces breast size. Also, it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.


In this article, we have discussed how to reduce breast size fast at home. Generally, breast size increases because of the third major component i.e. fatty tissues. If the body reduces its weight, breast size will also decrease. With the help of these methods and home remedies, you will be able to decrease breast size.

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