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How to Treat Alcoholism Naturally


How to Treat Alcoholism Naturally

In this article, we will discuss how to treat alcoholism naturally. Many of us in most of the parties we consume alcohol just to add fun to the party. Some of us drink alcohol to make ourselves relax after a hectic day.

Everyone has a different excuse for having alcohol. Regular consumption of alcohol is not good for the health. Alcoholism makes the person dependent and its addiction makes the person useless. It is a kind of disease that is differently present in person to person.

If the person is a frequent drinker then this disease is progressive and becomes even worse with the time. It causes both mental and physical health. Sometimes the addiction of alcohol makes the person intolerant and becomes aggressive and uncontrollable.

On not getting the alcohol or when the person has strong urge to drink, the person sometimes becomes annoyed and also they feel nausea, sweating or shaking of their hands or legs. Regular intake of alcohol has very effect on our health.

Health problems that are caused because of excessive drinking are liver disease, diabetes, weak immune system, sexual problems, etc. Apart from these health problems alcoholism is also associated with problems like increase in crime, family quarrels, property dispute, unsuccessful marriage, suicidal attempts, etc.

So, there are several methods and remedies that treat alcoholism naturally.

Ways to treat Alcoholism Naturally      

It doesn’t matter to those who take alcohol once in a while, on the other hand, frequent drinkers cannot overcome the addiction of alcohol without help. For them, their life without alcohol is zero and according to them, their survival is impossible if they do not get to drink.

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So, to treat alcoholism it is very important to encourage the person and there should be the support of the family and some professional’s help as well. There is drug rehab that treats alcoholism. These rehabilitation centers help the person to change his lifestyle, dietary habits and also help him following different remedies that help a person combat alcoholism and he can enjoy his life like earlier.

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to treat alcoholism. It keeps you healthy and also helps in getting rid of depression, stress and above all it reduces cravings. Even my rehabilitation centers also follow some exercises that give mental and physical reliefs.

You can add exercises like swimming, walking, running or aerobics in your routine. Also, regular exercise fights insomnia and promotes better sleep at night.

2. Healthy Diet

Another important way to get rid of heavy drinking is to opt for a healthy diet. Excess drinking reduces appetite and this further results in a nutritional deficiency. Our body needs several vitamins and minerals to reduce the effect of alcohol.

So, it is necessary to consume foods high in vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 to help improving brain and liver functioning. Foods rich in amino acids also help in breaking the addiction and stabilizing your mood.

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3. Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter Gourd juice helps in curing alcohol addiction. It also helps in repairing the damaged liver cells and curing the damaged kidneys. Excess consumption of alcohol can damage the human kidneys also. So, if you cannot have it alone, you can also add buttermilk in it and consume it every morning to curb the addiction.

4. Dates

Dates are very helpful in treating the alcoholism naturally. It detoxifies and clears out toxins from the liver. Also, it replaces the lost nutrients because of alcohol and reduces the cravings as well.

5. Make Yourself Occupied

Generally, whenever we are free or we don’t have any work to do, we always try to do things that are forbidden to us. Same happens with excessive drinkers. Whenever they have nothing to do, they start drinking and those who under some kind of stress drink more alcohol.

So, it is good to make yourself occupied with some work. Whenever you are free to think of your hobbies and work on that. Also, you can opt for some social work that will make you busy. In simple words, if our mind is busy, we can easily quit drinking.

6. Recognize Triggers

It is necessary to recognize those internal or external triggers that make an urge to drink. By recognizing them one can get to quit drinking. Some people make themselves busy with other activities as well.

Also, to avoid alcohol one can avoid high-risk situations like do not buy or keep alcohol at home. Try to avoid those gatherings where alcohol is going to be served. Involve yourself in activities that keep you away from the urge to drink and stay connected with your friends and talk about your good experiences to stay positive and motivated.


In this article, we have discussed how to treat alcoholism naturally. These tips for treating alcoholism will help in improving your health along with curing your addiction to alcohol. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with these tips and say no to alcohol.

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