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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast Naturally


How To Get Rid Of Dandruff & Hair Fall Fast Naturally

I guess Dandruff is an area of concern for almost all of us. In this article, we’ll help you with the tips to get rid of Dandruff fast and naturally. My favorite color is black and so I prefer to wear black color dresses for most of the parties. Though I have several black dresses for every season, unfortunately, I can’t wear them in the winter season. The reason behind this is Dandruff.

Yes, you read it correctly. Dandruff or Seborrhea is the reason, that I can’t wear black dresses in winter and always thinking, how to remove dandruff. Because it sheds from our scalp and can be easily seen in black color and that embarrasses me a lot. I know many of you are also facing the same problem and go through those embarrassing moments when people point to Dandruff on our shoulders.

This is not the only problem we face because of Seborrhea, there are many others too. Because of the skin flakes, our scalp becomes itchy. This itchy scalp problem creates acne or blisters on the scalp. We face pimples and blackheads also because of the Seborrhea.

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Though it is very common to have Seborrhea these days. This Seborrhea creates many problems like itchy scalp, blackheads, pimples and above all hair loss. skin flakes problem is not a very big problem and so it 100% curable.

So what is the best way to get rid of dandruff without any side effect our skin or eyes in winter?

Though there are many skin flakes removing shampoos are available in the market but they hardly mean their words. We can also visit a Dermatologist for medicines and lotions if the problem is worst. These medicines and lotions can leave some side effects also that can hurt our skin and eyes.

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It would be easy to remove dandruff or Seborrhea if you know the root cause of the same. Therefore before we know the remedies for skin flakes, first you should the causes of Seborrhea and fix the same.

What Causes Dandruff – Unknown Truth

What Causes Dandruff? Could you help me answer this question in the Comment section without further reading this article? The intent is to make you aware of the causes of Dandruff.

If you can answer, what causes Dandruff then you know the solution also. In this article, we have listed few causes of dandruff that you need to be aware of and try to avoid them as much as you can.

  • We should always comb our hair regularly so that the dead scalp cells fall off with combing. Use a clean comb and not to share it with others.
  • Dry skin is also one of the major causes of Seborrhea. Oil your hair at-least thrice a week. (How to get rid if Dry Skin)
  • Oily skin is a skin type or condition that results in flakes. Regularly wash your hair with good Oil-free shampoo.
  • Not washing or shampooing your hair or scalp regularly. This poor hygiene also causes flakes. You should keep your hair and scalp clean to get rid of dandruff.
  • If you have any skin disease than that will also cause Seborrhea. Consult Dermatologist for any kind of Skin related issues.
  • The reactions of the hair care and skin care products also result in skin flakes. Choose your products carefully, check ingredients before you buy any Hair or Skincare product.
  • Our poor or unhealthy diet also causes flakes in the skin. Take balanced and rich diet which would keep your Hair, Body and Mind healthy.

How to get rid of Dandruff

Many of us have a similar question especially in winter that how to remove dandruff? Though as of now there is not an exact cause of dandruff we can follow some hygiene tips to prevent skin flakes.

Generally, we face this problem in winter compared to other seasons. There are many ways through which we can cure Seborrhea.

There are many reasons for the itchy and flaking skin.Most of the reasons and causes are hygiene factors or our texture and Skin type that results in Dandruff or itchy and flaking skin. We have listed some of the proven home remedies to get rid of Dandruff fast and easy.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dandruff Fast 

Most of us are inclined towards shampoos and other products that are available in the market to remove Dandruff because they are easy to buy. Moreover, we don’t know that we can also remove dandruff by using some of the home remedies. There are some home remedies for dandruff that will help you in removing the Seborrhea and makes our hair healthy. Try to follow some of the below-mentioned home remedies for dandruff and for sure you’ll see amazing results.


Cleanliness is very crucial not only for skin but also for hair and body. It plays a major role in preventing the Seborrhea. To avoid skin flakes you should wash your hair nicely at-least thrice a week. It is necessary to remove the dead skin cells by washing to get rid of dandruff.

While washing your hair please ensure that you use Clean water with good and light Shampoo which is not harsh on your hairs. Don’t use extremely hot water or extremely cold water while washing your hair.

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Comb your hair 

You should always comb your hair every time after shower. Brushing or combing your hair helps in falling the dead skin cells from the scalp and that prevents skin flakes.

If you will not comb your hair after washing or shower then it will increase the chances of hair loss also. While combing hair ensure that you use a clean comb and don’t share your comb with others. Clean your Comb on regular basis.

Oiling your hair

Dry skin or dry scalp also causes dandruff. So to prevent skin flakes you should do proper oiling at-least thrice a week. Oiling should be done nicely from the roots so that the hair gets proper nourishment. While oiling uses your fingertips gently on the scalp and ensures that Oil passes to roots.

Baking Soda for Dandruff

Washing hair with baking soda also helps in preventing the skin flakes. You don’t have to wash your hair with baking soda like shampoo but you have to massage dry hair with baking soda for 5-10 minutes. Massage gently with your fingertips and don’t rub it rashly.

After that, you can wash your hair with water. Baking soda for hair wash is one of the easiest ways to prevent skin flakes.

Egg for Dandruff

Though there are many uses of an egg here we will know how to use egg for skin flakes. Eggs are rich in fatty acids and also contain cholesterol and Protein that helps in moisturizing the skin. You can apply egg in hair and can see the difference.

Take 2 eggs and add coconut oil to it and mix it well. Now apply this paste with your fingertips on the roots and on your hair. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and then wash your hair with oil-free shampoo. Eggs give new life to the hair and make them silky, strong, healthier and shinier.

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Coconut Oil for Dandruff

Coconut oil is one of the oldest and richest remedies for Seborrhea and other hair problems. Applying coconut oil on scalp helps in nourishing the hair and getting rid of skin flakes.

It helps in removing the dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin. Coconut is the best home remedy and one can easily get rid of flakes in hair naturally by applying it. Even eating coconut is also good for your skin.

Olive Oil for Dandruff

Olive oil is another best oil to remove flakes in hair. Apply this oil on your scalp and wrap your hair in a hot towel and then leave it for some time. Now wash your hair with good oil-free shampoo. It moisturizes the scalp skin and helps in nourishing the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is another best remedy that helps in getting rid of dandruff. Take a small half cup of ACV and mix it with a small half cup of water. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz it on all over your scalp. Now wrap your head with a towel for around 15-20 minutes. After that, wash your hair as usual. Repeat this process twice a week for the best result. Learn more about the health benefits and uses of apple cider vinegar.

Lemon Juice for Dandruff

Lemon juice also helps in get rid of dandruff. You can squeeze a lemon and apply it on your scalp. Now leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash your hair. Lemon has the properties that will help in removing the dead skin cells from the scalp.

Ginger for Dandruff  

Ginger is a kind of herb that is always easily available in our kitchen. Take some ginger and squeeze it nicely to take out the juice. Mix this ginger juice with coconut or olive oil and apply it to the roots. Leave it for 20-25 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.

Henna for Dandruff  

We all know about the advantages of henna. These are the green leaves which can be ground and applied on the hair for at least 2 hours. After that wash your hair nicely. For best results make the paste and leave it overnight or for 4-5 hours before applying.

Aloe Vera for Dandruff

Aloe Vera is a very famous remedy for Seborrhea. It is easily available in our kitchen garden. You can apply the aloe vera gel on the roots and hair and leave it for some time. Then wash your hair. For the permanent removal of flakes of hair keep applying this gel regularly.

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Banana and Vinegar

Banana and vinegar also help in get rid of Seborrhea. Mash one banana and mix it with some vinegar. Make a thick paste and apply it on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. After that wash, your hair and also you can use this remedy once in a week for the best result.


How to get rid of Dandruff, if you were living with this question then you can get rid of dandruff by either taking medical help or by using some of the simple home remedies listed above. Medical treatment can cause some side effects if any strong medicine or Shampoo is used but home remedies never have any side effects.

If you use these home remedies twice or thrice a week also, you will easily get rid of dandruff permanently. Please don’t forget to share your experience and results in the comment section.

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