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How to Prevent Hair Loss after Pregnancy


How to Prevent Hair Loss after Pregnancy

In this article, we will discuss how to prevent hair loss after pregnancy naturally with some good effective home remedies. Becoming mother is the best feeling ever and a woman faces all the post-pregnancy problems without any issue or complaint. Our body faces several changes during the pregnancy and after delivery. There are a lot of hormonal changes that affect the body.

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Hair loss after pregnancy is a common problem that most of the women face. Once your baby is in your hand or once your baby is born, your hair starts falling. As such there are no such reasons for hair loss apart from a massive change in hormones. Hair loss after baby is not a big thing to worry as it can be easily treatable.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Generally, after few months of delivery, hair keeps on falling. Though this problem of hair doesn’t happen to every woman, they should know about this problem and how to treat it at home with some simple home remedies. Here are some home remedies that will help you to prevent hair loss after pregnancy:

1. Massage with Medicated Oils

Hair massage is necessary to keep your hair and scalp healthy. But massaging also needs the correct method to be followed with the right kind of oil for the best result. Massaging your hair with medicated oils like Mahabhringraj oil or arnica oil or amla oil is beneficial. These oils help in reducing the hair fall and are beneficial for hair growth. Another best oil that is especially recommended for hair is Rosemary Oil that supplies oxygen to the hair follicles.

2. Coconut Shell

Yes, you read it right. It’s coconut shell and coconut oil. Like coconut oil, coconut shell has also many benefits. Generally, people are not aware of its uses and benefits so they throw it. Today, we will tell you about the benefits of coconut shell. We can use coconut in many ways like cooking, massaging, on burned areas to heal the burning sensation.

You can use coconut milk to reduce hair fall and along with it, you can also use it’s shell’s ashes. Yes, its shell’s ashes. Burn the coconut hard shell to ashes and preserve these ashes into a jar. Now, whenever, you apply oil to your scalp, add these ashes to the oil and then massage your hair and scalp. Use these ashes regularly with the oil to make your hair stronger, darker and shinier.

3. Choose the Biotin Shampoo

Choosing the correct shampoo is also a big task. What kind of shampoo is required for the kind of hair texture you have? Every time this question arises in our mind while buying a new shampoo bottle. Make sure, the shampoo should not be hard and must contain Biotin as it is good for the hair growth.

4. Amla(Indian Gooseberry)

Since centuries Amla is used for nourishing the hair. You can add it to your diet also in many forms as it is good for health also. It is a powerful tonic and has many health and hair benefits. For hair, you can either use its oil or in other forms also. To make an effective amla oil, boil amla juice with the oil till the mixture turns black. Cooldown it and preserves it in a bottle. Massage your hair with the same oil regularly to get the shinier hair with full of volume.

5. Avoid Artificial Colors and Styling Hair Sprays and Tools

These days there are many ways of styling and coloring your hair. Women prefer to use artificial colors and hair sprays to style their hair. These colors and sprays contain chemicals which damage your hair and this lead to hair fall and early graying of hair.

Many women use hair dryers also on a very regular basis, which again weakens the roots and you face hair loss problem. Leave your hair after washing to dry them naturally and also instead of using artificial hair color use different natural ingredients to color them.


In this article, we have discussed how to prevent hair loss after pregnancy. Hair makes a woman prettier but hair fall after pregnancy make them worried. To get rid of hair fall after pregnancy we can follow these home remedies that will help you in making your hair stronger, darker and full of volume. These remedies will be more effective if there will be no artificial style tools and hair colors will be in use.


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