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Benefits of Putting Oil in Belly Button


Benefits of Putting Oil in Belly Button

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of putting oil in belly button. We have a large number of natural oils that are very good for our body in many different ways. Even these natural oils are a part of Ayurveda that includes all different types of oils.

Oil in Belly Button

We can apply oil anywhere on our skin, yes anywhere and to start applying Belly Button is the best place. Applying oil to the belly button is one of the old age processes and this method has several health and beauty benefits. This is one of the most important parts of our body, about which many of us are not aware of.


Here are some benefits of putting oil in the belly button.

Moisturizes Skin

We apply several different creams and lotions to make our skin beautiful and glowing. Though these creams make you look beautiful and charming, the after use effect is not good. In fact, some of the creams take too long, whereas, some has side effects on the skin.

Applying oil on the skin is the best remedy to make the skin soft and glowing. Putting oil in belly button especially in the winter season when the skin is dry is very beneficial. To make your skin soft and silky, apply coconut or olive oil on your stomach and massage gently. Your skin so soft because of the fatty acid content include in these oils.

Improves Fertility

Putting oil in the belly button also increases fertility in both man and woman. We all know that belly button is connected to fertility, so influence fertility oiling belly button is beneficial. Oil that is beneficial for the fertility is carrier oil with damiana or clary sage. They work in a perfect way and protect sperms and treat period problems. By applying oil, hormones stay regulated and that adds chances of conceiving soon.

Prevent Infection

Oiling tummy button helps in preventing bacteria and fungi. Tummy button becomes dirty very easily and also it can develop an infection if it remains moist for a long time. By oiling, you can heal it and kill the infection. To heal it, Tea Tree oil is the best oil because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can also apply mustard oil to fight bacteria.

Cures Stomach Ache

Another benefit of putting oil in the belly button is that it cures and gives relief tummy ache. Many times we stomach ache causes because of indigestion, food poisoning or diarrhea. In such condition, oiling tummy button with ginger or peppermint oil with mustard oil is the best remedy. Also, it helps you in getting rid of the menstrual pain as well.

Cure Acne and Pimples

People having acne and pimples try several lotions and ointments to get rid of pimples. Sometimes they get relief but these pimples and acne leave their marks and these acne scars make you look unattractive and ugly.

With 2 drops of Neem Oil, you can easily get rid of these scars and get that beautiful skin back once again. Put 2 drops of Neem Oil in your belly button 30 minutes prior to bath and see the changes in your skin. It will reduce the blemishes and clarify your skin.

Relieves Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain is one of the worst pains that a girl bears. It disrupts our daily schedules and sometimes we become so helpful that except taking rest we have no other option. But, by applying oil to your belly button will help in curing those cramps.

Simply, choose any diluted essential oil like ginger or peppermint or cypress and gently apply it to your belly button to get rid of periods pain.


In this article, we have discussed benefits of putting oil in belly button. By putting oil in our tummy button we can get rid of many ailments. For different ailments, there are different oils that will help you in getting a healthy body and beautiful skin.


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