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What to Eat During Pregnancy Week by Week


What to Eat During Pregnancy Week by Week

In this article, we will discuss what to eat during pregnancy week by week. The moment you got to know about your pregnancy, you feel yourself on top of the word. You may excited, surprised or may be shocked or even mix of all the three emotions. Once you get this news, you feel so desperate to share this news with all your near and dear ones. Some wait for at least 12 weeks to disclose this news, whereas, others might not.

Once the news is out to relatives and friends there are several suggestions and advice on what to eat and what not to eat in your entire pregnancy. Even you should also be aware of the food that is good for you and for your baby. These are few of the basics that you must be aware of like not to smoke and drink, eat healthy food, take proper rest, go for a regular walk and so on.

Apart from this when to start vitamins, which exercise is good in pregnancy, make a birth plan and educate yourself about the pregnancy week by week. It is very important to eat folate-rich food during pregnancy for the proper development of the baby’s neural tube. Also, expectant mothers have cravings for different food, so they should sometime have what they want to eat but to a limit. There are some foods which need to be avoided during pregnancy.

What to Eat During Pregnancy

Here we will know about the foods that are good for the expectant mothers and for their baby. As your body is going to change and there will be lots of changes in body and routine. It is necessary for you and your baby to have a full amount of nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and strong. So, here are some healthy foods to be eaten during pregnancy.

1. Eggs to Eat During Pregnancy

Eggs are the richest source of proteins and also they contain choline that reduces the risk of neural tube defects in babies. Choline is contained in the yolk, so get the full benefit of you need to eat the whole egg not only the egg white. Eggs are also the great source of iron and folate and are the best food for the prenatal protein. You can have them in any form like either boiled, fried, as an omelet or scrambled.

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2. Orange Juice

Orange Juice is rich in Vitamin C and it also fills up on folate and potassium. Consuming folate and folic acid is very important for the expectant mother for the healthy pregnancy. It is a must-have nutrient for preventing any birth defect in early pregnancy and for after that pregnancy also.

So, it is necessary to take the recommended 400 micrograms per day. It is important to keep the metabolism and muscle function in check along with the overall health. The potassium in it has many benefits for the mother to be. It also fights with cold and helps your body in absorbing iron that keeps you and your baby healthy.

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3. Nuts for Pregnancy Week by Week

The best and convenient snack that you can carry anywhere with you are the nuts. They are full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and healthy fats like omega-3. To fulfill the lack of magnesium in your diet, nuts are the best option. Nuts reduce the risk of premature delivery and also it helps in the development of the baby’s nervous system. As they are easy to contain anywhere so it is the best option when you are hungry or having craving for any something to eat.

4. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables especially dark green veggies are full of antioxidants and nutrients like kale, broccoli, bitter gourd, spinach, etc. These veggies should be on the top priority of all the expectant mothers. All these veggies are the super foods that are essential for the mother to be and for the developing baby. Green leafy veggies are also rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins, fiber, and folate.

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5. Salmon Fish

Another best food for the pregnant woman is Salmon fish which is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. By adding salmon into your diet in your pregnancy you will get omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that will help in developing your baby’s brain and also boosts the higher level of DHA in newborns. It also good for the development of baby’s eyes but the intake should be in limits.


In this article, we have discussed what to eat during pregnancy week by week. It is necessary to take a healthy diet while you are pregnant. A healthy diet helps in developing your baby’s health and is also good for an expectant woman. All these foods items must be added to the pregnant woman’s diet. Make sure to discuss the quantity intake with your doctor, as we all know excess of everything is bad.

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