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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant


How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

In this article, we will discuss how to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant. Every couple wants a baby after some time of their marriage. In some cases, some women conceive easily whereas, some faces issues. These issues can be for many reasons.

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Getting pregnant is not easy for everyone. Generally, women under the age of 35 yrs have only 20-30 % chances to conceive and with the increasing age, this percentage decreases. Those women are trying but are not getting successful in conceiving need to know these tips for getting pregnant.

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Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting Pregnant

We all know that to conceive or getting pregnant intercourse is necessary. After a regular intercourse also, some couples are not able to conceive because of many other reasons. Here are some tips that will help you when you are planning to conceive.

1. Say No to Sodas

As we all know that sodas are not good for health. Sodas also effect on the fertility and can cause infertility. A woman who takes sodas daily has fewer chances of conceiving comparatively to a woman who doesn’t. Similarly coffee is also another drink that is associated with lower fertility. Having a cup or two in a day is fine but more than that can cause infertility.

2. Healthy Weight

It is necessary to keep a healthy weight to get pregnant. If a woman is underweight or overweight then her chances of conceiving reduce and this delays her pregnancy. So it is important for a woman to maintain a healthy weight to get conceived easily. Maintaining healthy weight is her fertility booster.

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3. Quit Smoking and Boozing

Smoking and boozing are not good for both men and women when we talk about fertility. Otherwise, also it is harmful to health. Smoking affects the eggs and also reduces the production of sperms and damage DNA. Whereas, boozing too equally hamper your pregnancy plans. It is necessary to quit smoking and boozing for both man and woman if they want to become parents.

4. Skip Lubricants

Generally, people use lubricants in bed to enjoy and to have a good time. But, when a couple plans to make a baby, these lubricants are harmful to them. Lubricants affect sperm mobility negatively so they work against your fertility. Whereas, on the other hand, those for whom lubricant is a necessity can use “fertility-friendly” lubricant, as they are safe and won’t go against your pregnancy plan.

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5. Stay Calm and Relax

When you are planning to conceive make sure that you are routine is normal and stress-free. A stressed mind will work totally against your plan and this way you will not be able to conceive soon. You need to stress-free, calm and relaxed for commencing your pregnancy plan. Try to remain calm and happy and chill out without taking any stress about anything.

6. Vitamins

Usually, doctors advised taking prenatal vitamins when a lady is pregnant. But if you start taking these prenatal vitamins before conceiving also, it will increase your chances of conceiving. Apart from having these vitamins, good and healthy food is also necessary for conceiving. Regular intake of vitamins like Omega-3 fish oil and Vitamin B6 that increases fertility chances.

7. Cut Caffeine Intake

Try to avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and soft drinks as high caffeinated drinks slow down the process of conception. Instead of taking caffeinated drinks, keep yourself hydrated with healthy fresh juices, coconut water or even with water. Consume plenty of water so that eggs do not get sluggish in lack of water.


In this article, we have discussed how to increase chances of getting pregnant. Getting pregnant is easy for some but becomes very difficult for others because of either some health issues or other reasons. Apart from having good sex and regular intercourse, there are other tips also which either the woman or both man and woman has to follow. Here, we have given some tips to follow that will help you in conceiving fast.


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