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How to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy


How to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy

In this article, we will discuss how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The moment you get the news of your pregnancy, it becomes important for you to take to be more aware of your health especially physically and emotionally.

One of my friend who was married for the last 15 yrs. was planning her first baby from the last 12 yrs. but her luck was not with her. Then one fine morning she got to know that she is pregnant and will be a mother soon.

She was so happy and excited about the news and started shopping for the baby also. But her luck was not with her and just after the third trimester, she lost her baby because of her poor eating habits and poor routine.

After her miscarriage, she was badly devastated. But we know that God is there and once again she got pregnant, but this time her doctor strictly told her to follow the tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy. After complete nine months of pregnancy, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

We have heard many similar stories where the mother lost her baby because of her unhealthy routine and eating habits and then later they have to pay for that. Our body needs proper care at the time of pregnancy in both physical and emotional way.

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Your every small or big decision during the pregnancy impact your health either physical or emotional. You have to take care of yourself and the baby growing inside you and for this, you should take the support of your near and dear ones, who, along with you take care of your health.

At this time you can also seek advice from your gynecologist or a midwife about your diet and exercises to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Also, you can follow these simple tips for complication-free pregnancy to deliver a healthy baby.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy

These tips are very helpful and will fulfill the body’s basic need for nutrients.

1. Avoid Junk Food

Junk foods are good in taste but they harm a lot to our body. During pregnancy, there are many hormonal changes in our body that cause food cravings. During these cravings, you have to be very sure about the food you are eating.

There are many food items that cause bacterial infections, which is not safe for you and your baby’s health. Food items like that are not properly cooked, ready to eat meals, raw sprouts, preserved seafood needs to be avoided during the pregnancy period.

These can cause birth complications and cause risk of getting an infection. Also, along with the healthy food you need to take care of proper food hygiene, which is equally important for your and the growing baby.

2. Take Proper Rest

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman should take healthy food for her and baby’s health. Along with healthy food, a pregnant woman need proper sleep and rest also. There are several hormonal changes during the pregnancy that causes fatigue and exhaustion.

Taking rest or sleep is equally important for the nourishment and development of the unborn baby. Rest also provides energy to the pregnant woman during the time of delivery. Some females experience the backache problem during pregnancy. In such cases, proper rest and sleep help a lot.

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3. Say NO to Smoking

We all know that smoking is injurious to health but still many of the females smoke. Smoking is very harmful to your pregnancy and even after delivery also a nursing mother should not smoke. In fact, she should also avoid secondhand smoke as that also harms equally.

According to the reports also smoking increases the risk of miscarriage and also it has a very negative effect on the fetal’s heart rate. Smoking can cause many other threats as well to the unborn baby as well as the pregnant woman. It can cause premature birth or low birth weight or even cause many other complications also.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol is also harmful to the unborn baby in the womb. As we know that the unborn baby in the womb needs healthy food to grow, alcohol affects your baby’s health in the womb. Whatever amount of alcohol you drink reaches to the unborn baby through the placenta which affects the baby’s development and growth.

Frequent and heavy intake of alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome that causes problems like short height, low body weight, abnormality, small head, and many other similar problems.

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5. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise during pregnancy helps the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. It decreases many problems like poor sleep, constipation, cramps, swelling, low energy, back pain and many similar problems.

With the regular exercise, it becomes easy for the pregnant woman to give birth at the time of delivery as physical activities or exercise prepares the body for the delivery.


In this article, we have discussed how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy is the best time for a woman when she dreams for her unborn baby and plans different things for him. But, a pregnant woman also faces many problems like physical and emotional issues. These tips will help a pregnant woman to get rid of these issues and in an easy delivery.

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