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How To Get Rid Of Oily Face Naturally


How To Get Rid Of Oily Face Naturally

How to get rid of Oily Face Naturally, if you have this question and worried about Oily face then you are at right place. Almost we all worry about these issues as they are resulting in many other issues. In this article, we have explained all the steps that would help you to get rid of oily face naturally.

We have tried out best to discuss and share most common causes of oily skin and what to apply on oily skin so that we can get no more oily skin. We have already explained in detail about Dead Sea Mud Review which is an amazing product to get rid of pimples, blemishes etc. So without wasting any more time let’s start to understand the same.

Different Skin Types

greasy-skinI am sure we know that that we all have different types of skin. Some have sensitive skin, some have oily and some have dry skin (How to get rid of Dry Skin) or combination of multiple skin type. There are many who have excessively oily skin as well.

Excessive oily skin causes many problems for our skin and trusts me most of us are facing the same issue and struggling a lot fix the same. I was also facing the same issue but by following the tips and tricks mentioned in this article I was able to get rid of Oily Face naturally and permanently.

It is crucial to understand causes before we start the remediation of the problem. People with the oily face the problem of impurities and pimples which leaves the scars and makes the skin looks ugly. So today we will discuss easy to follow steps to prevent oily face and pimples, the overly oily skin and about taking care of oily skin.

What is Oily Skin?

Skin that gives greasy shine and has pores and pimples because of the oil coming out of the skin is called Oily skin or excessively oily skin. People with really oily skin face problems of blemishes and impurities.

Many people have greasy skin in some portion and dry skin on other portion of the skin, this kind of skin is called Combination skin and it is one of the most complicated Skin types to cure.

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What causes oily face

There are Sebaceous glands under our skin surface. These glands produce an oily substance, called Sebum, that is made up of fats. Our skin becomes oily because of the overproduction of this oily substance. Though Sebum is not bad for skin and hair health because it protects and moisturizes our skin, its overproduction leads to oily skin.

We always give most emphases on understanding the Cause of issue. Similarly, if you want to get rid of Oily face naturally then you need to understand the causes, so that you can get rid of it permanently. There are many causes and reasons of oily skin. Few of them are mentioned here, however, they are not limited to the list we have covered in this article:

  • Hormones Oily Skin 

Some people have oily skin hormones and that’s the reason they face greasy skin problem. There is a hormonal shift of adolescence and so most of the teenagers face this problem. Hormones also change during menopause and pregnancy and that’s why many females have greasy skin problem during this period. The hormonal imbalance changes the skin to greasy skin.

  • Heredity

Many people feel that oily skin problem happens because of the heredity or according to them it is Genetic. Up to some extent, this is true also. Those who have greasy skin claim that they have genetically problem and trend. According to them their parents or other family members also have the same problem.

  • Diet for Oily Skin

There are many foods that cause sticky skin like fried food, spicy food, food with extra cheese or extra oil, etc. Foods through which we consume too much Omega – 6 fatty acids also results in the greasy skin. Many dairy products also cause greasy skin which further leads to acne.

  • Cosmetics

We always use cosmetics to hide acne or to reduce blemishes on our face. Cosmetics also help in reducing the visibility of oil on our face but only if you use cosmetics according to your skin tone. While choosing cosmetics always check the tag “oil-free” on the product. Best way to remove makeup is to use the oil free lotion or take off your makeup with baby oil. You can also use almond oil as a makeup remover or baby oil as makeup remover.

  • Environment or Weather

Our environment also plays a vital role in making our skin greasy. There is so much environmental pollution that makes skin irritation which causes skin oily. Always cover your face while going out in humidity or when it’s humid in weather. Hot air or Moist air can also cause the same problem. To get the fresh skin always wash your face with cool water and apply some oil-free homemade moisturizer.

How to Get Rid Of Oily Face Naturally

I am sure you also have this question in your mind, “how to remove oil from face permanently“. I also have the same question when I was struggling with greasy skin. Don’t fall into the trap if anyone who claims that oil can be permanently removed from your face. Trust me that is only possible by following some of the easy tips and steps mentioned in this article.

How To Prevent Oily Skin and Look Amazing

Get Rid Of Oily Face Naturally

Managing greasy skin is also a tough job though greasy skin helps in anti-aging and develops fewer wrinkles as compared to dry skin or combination skin. Teenagers are most impacted by this problem compared to others. Tips to control greasy skin are:

  • Cleansing the skin to Get Rid of Oily Face

Many Dermatologists suggest to always clean your skin twice or thrice a day to avoid excessive oil. Washing the face with olive oil also helps in reducing the excessive oil and makes your skin looks fresh. You can also use coconut oil to wash face.

  • Moisturize your skin to get Rid of Oily Face

Greasy skin also needs hydration to look healthy so always choose a good moisturizer.  Best way to moisturize skin is to use a light moisturizer that has “oil-free” tag on it.

Dead Sea Mud Mask helps in making the skin healthy. Mud spa cleanses the skin and remove blemishes and the dirt. It opens the pores and makes the skin beautiful, healthy and soft.  It also helps in shrinking the pimples and in reducing the visibility of scars. Mud Spa can be used be used by anyone and anywhere. Moreover, you can also visit the article in which we have explained the natural remedies to get rid of pimples overnight.

  • Avoid using Harsh Soaps

Always try to avoid harsh soaps and cosmetics with chemicals. Now sometimes we think that “Why soap is bad for your skin”? The answer to this question is Soap is bad for your face because there are toxins in soap that can harm our skin.

  • Oatmeal Scrub

An oatmeal scrub is one of the simplest remedies to get rid of an oily face. Take 2 tablespoons of plain oatmeal and blend it nicely to form a smooth paste. Mix one tablespoon of aloe vera gel into the paste and use it like a scrub on your face and neck area for 2-3 minutes. After that rinse off with warm water and then apply a toner.

The toner that you apply should be natural so that it gives the glow to your skin and refreshes it. Toning improves the blood circulation and closes the open the pores and refreshes the skin. It improves the skin health and makes the skin glowing.

  • Home Remedies To Get Rid of Oily Face Naturally

There are many home remedies to remove oil from face permanently and for different skin tone.

You can apply Aloe Vera gel, rub cucumber on your oily face or can do homemade facials as well to reduce oil.

You can use almonds, yogurt, apple, tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, etc. to reduce that excessive oily skin.

Apart from that, you can also use egg whites and lemon for oily skin. Both egg white and lemon are good for the skin. Egg whites help in tightening the pore, whereas, the acid in lemon absorbs the oil from the skin and make it soft and shinier.

Hope you enjoyed this article and it would answer the question which is troubling you the most i.e. how to get rid of oily skin on face permanently. By using all the above mentioned you can easily reduce the greasy skin, get rid of Oily face naturally and can make your skin beautiful and attractive.

Pull your socks and follow all the steps listed in this article and don’t forget you have all the rights to look beautiful and gain your confidence back.

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Please don’t forget to share your experience and suggestions in the comment section once you follow the steps explained in this article.

You have all the rights to look Beautiful

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