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Benefits and Side Effects of Birth Control Pills


Benefits and Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

In this article, we will discuss the Benefits and Side Effects of Birth Control Pills. These pills are the safe and simple way to prevent pregnancy. It is important to take these pills every day to protect from pregnancy. If missed or skipped taking these pills then things can go another way.

benefits of birth control pills

With several benefits, these oral contraceptive pills have some side effects as well. Out of 100, there is one woman who apart from taking these pills gets pregnant but rest 99 prevent pregnancy. Several thousands of women prefer to take these pills every year.

Though there are many other birth control methods like the implant, injections, vaginal ring, condoms, etc. but most of the women find these oral conceptive pills more convenient and easy. These oral contraceptive pills can be taken easily by mouth and are absolutely a personal decision of a woman.

Benefits of Birth Control Pills

These pills are an effective method of birth control. Apart from preventing pregnancy, these pills have several other health benefits as well. Here are some benefits of these contraceptive pills.

1. Regular Menstrual Cycle

There are many women who have menstrual problems. These pills cause menstrual cycle to come regular and are easy to predict as well. These pills also make the period lighter and reduce the cramps that lots of women experience.

2. Prevent Anemia

Birth control pills reduce the blood flow during the menstrual cycle and that helps in preventing anemia. It makes the periods lighter and thus less loss of blood helps in preventing anemia.

3. Reduce the Ovarian cysts risk

An ovarian cyst is a growth of fluid that develops in the ovary at the time of ovulation. These pills help in reducing the reduction of ovarian cyst because these pills prevent ovulation and that reduces the risk of ovarian cysts.

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4. Improves Skin Health

Birth control pills have some hormones that help in stopping acne from forming on the skin.  Many times when acne is not controlled by other medicines, these contraceptive pills are recommended to reduce acne and improves the skin health.

5. Improves the problem of Excessive Body Hair

Many women face the problem of excessive hair on their body especially on the chin, side locks or chest. Those women who take contraceptive pills notice the improvement in the growth of hair. The hormones get suppressed by these pills and slow the growth of this unwanted hair.

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

If on one hand, these pills are safe for most of the women then, on the other hand, these have some effects as well for others. Every woman has different body type and so every woman reacts differently. Here are some side effects also.

1. Nausea

In the beginning, many women experience nausea while taking the pills which subside after some time or after some days of regular use of pills. One can also take these pills with either food or while going to bed to avoid nausea. If still, this didn’t work then one should take doctor’s advice.

2. Weight Gain

Women taking contraceptive pills might experience some weight gain as well especially in hips and breast areas. The estrogen in these pills affects fat cells in the body and that causes weight gain in many women.

3. Headaches

While taking these pills many people face the problem of headaches and migraine that happens because of the sex hormones. These different types of pills have the symptoms of headaches but not in every case and not every time. These symptoms improve with the time and if someone doesn’t find any improvement then she must consult with her gynecologist.

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4. Breast Tenderness

Sometimes these contraceptive pills cause breast tenderness also. This cause breast enlargement which might get improve after few weeks of starting the pill. One can wear a supportive bra as well to decrease the breast tenderness. If in case, anyone finds a lump or feel any pain or heaviness in breast then she must visit a doctor.

5. Irregular or Missed Periods

Many times it happens with many women that despite regular intake of pills they missed their periods or have light periods. In such case, this happens because of many reasons like hormonal abnormalities, stress, illness, etc. If none of this reason is there then you must go for the pregnancy test before starting the next pill pack and consult with your doctor for medical advice.

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In this article, we have discussed the benefits and side effects of birth control pills. Up to some extent, these pills are safe to prevent pregnancy but in case if there will be any health issues then one must consult the doctor for medical advice.


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  • Ashley Turns

    I have always had trouble keeping track of my period due to its irregularities, so I am wondering what options I have to help fix it. So thanks for mentioning that birth control can help me keep a more regular menstrual cycle. I will definitely have to start taking some birth control pills so that I can control my period more.

  • Kylie Dotts

    It’s interesting how you said that some contraceptives help a period to be a little bit weaker as well as more regular. My time is just about passed to be worrying about this but my daughter was married recently and is just starting. Hopefully, she will recognize some of these benefits and use them in order to keep herself healthy and happy as she begins her marriage.

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