Benefits of Meditation-Mindfulness Meditation Techniques


Benefits of Meditation-Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

Through Mindfulness Meditation Techniques we are able to know our inner self. Meditation is a form of yoga to relax your body and mind.

This is not new in our world for the new generation as we have heard about it in our ancient mythological along with from four fathers also.

Do you know that Mindfulness Meditation was a practice done by our Saints and many courageous and brave people to attain the most in their fields. This is a way of keeping mind in control and keep focus intact to achieve goals.

As we have read it a lot in our ancient mythological books like Ramayana and Mahabharata where people have achieved what they wanted through their hard work and their focus through Mindfulness Meditation.

I hope you agree with the fact…

….that in today’s world, the need of Mindfulness Meditation and Meditation Techniques are in demand. People have money to live a luxurious life but the mental peace is missing big time from their life.

So people of every age  section now have understood the importance of Mindfulness Meditation Techniques.

There are always many ups and down in a person’s life. It can be in the form of failures or happiness, give or take. Some people face it with strength whereas, others get nervous or lose heart.

Even During the exams also some children becomes nervous and get tense. They have several negative thoughts in their mind because of the exams and the result. Even few kids with sensitive heart think of suicide too.

Some lose heart if they have any sickness, whereas, some fight with such circumstances and never loose their control.

Meditation in today’s world is practiced almost everywhere i.e. in schools, offices, and hospitals.

Yes, you read it correct, even in hospitals..

… in hospitals, it is used as a therapy by the doctors to treat their patients and get them self-belief. So that they can overcome the situation and get back to their normal life in quick time. It has different forms and used as per the need of the situation.

In schools, it is used for kids to have focus on their studies and in offices, it is used as a stress buster for the people to get rid of all their work stress.

Keep reading to know about Meditation techniques and benefits of Meditation, we’ll discuss that in detail in this article.

Have you ever think of this that why 2 different people react differently to the same situation?

According to science, this happens because of the person’s immune system. People with weak heart have weak immune system and so they easily get nervous.

Even when we are doing something wrong then also we feel diffidence and think twice before doing that. All this kind of feeling makes us weak and so sometimes we are not able to take our decisions or the correct decision.

We all know that there is a quiet man in all of us whom we call our Inner Soul. Inner Soul is that part of us which is always right and always gives the correct edification to us.

It stops us every time we are doing or about to do something wrong or bad.

Does it happen it with you ????

When and How and How to handled that situation, comment that in the comment section. 

Many times we face such situation in which we are not able to take the decision whereas, our inner soul gives us the clear indications to the right path. By the time we listen to our inner soul, our life is full of happiness.

If on the other hand, we avoid listening to our inner voice or inner soul our life start facing many problems and slowly steadily we lost total control with our inner voice. People start feeling depressed and gloomily.

In such situation to get back in contact with your inner soul, Mindfulness Meditation is the best way to make your happy and peaceful once again.

If you believe, you can achieve anything through Meditation as we have seen that people in our ancient past have reached to God through Meditation.

What is Meditation?

If you are reading this article then you must have a question in your mind i.e. What is Meditation, What are the techniques of Meditation, What are the benefits of Meditation and what not.

To make it simple, take a note that one can achieve anything if they have full control on their mind and soul. In today’s world where we have no time or very less time for our self, no one cares about anything. We are just running a race from pole to pillars, where we all want to achieve everything in a very quick time.

We all want to earn money and for that, we can go to any extent and during that, we lost our health and mental peace. After some time we come to a conclusion that in order to achieve everything we are nowhere and now we lost all our self-belief.

This takes us to depression and many more disorders, then eventually we start in search of peace and find that we can get some peace by doing Mindfulness Meditation or Yoga.

Now when we talk about, what is meditation, the answer is Mindfulness Meditation is not any kind of medicine of tonic through which one can become strong or able to take his decisions.

Meditation is a kind of practice in which a person tries to take his mind or consciousness to a special state of mind. It helps us in gaining or we can say that practicing meditation is itself means gaining your own.

Some people think that thinking of something that gives us peace or satisfaction peace is meditation, whereas, for others, meditation is mental concentration. In actual these techniques are not meditation but these are the substitutes of meditation. It is a state of awareness.

Different explanations of meditation are that it can be done either while sitting at one place or while being active with closed eyes and with relax and calm mind but yet alert. Meditation is the beginning of our inner transformation that takes us to the higher level of awareness.

Mindfulness Meditation is a kind of practice that includes techniques which help you to be calm, relax and to feel your inner voice. It will not only help in relaxation but also develops love, passion, generosity, compassion, and forgiveness.

Most importantly it also helps in curing some health issues like BP, Anxiety, and Depression.

Meditation helps in giving you a peaceful smooth life with no worries and problems. It can be done in any way like either in an active way or while sitting at one place. We can also call it a stress reduction therapy that improves our quality of life and also helps us in reducing few sickness.

What are the Benefits Of Meditation ?

By now you must be very curious to know the actual benefits of Meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation not only gives us inner energy but also gives us vitality. Benefits of meditation, make our life easier and happier. It gives us a calm mind and improves our clarity, concentration and communication skills. Also, rejuvenates our body and mind.

With Mindfulness Meditation, there are many other positive changes in our body. Our body filled with energy and that help our body to fight with sicknesses like BP, depression or anxiety. With the increase of energy in our body, we become more energetic, enthusiastic and joyful. It also helps in

  • Mindfulness Meditation lowers the level of strain and depression.
  • It lowers the level of oxygen and decreases respiratory rate.
  • Meditation gives the strength to fight with Diabetes, Alzheimer, High Blood Pressure.
  • Meditation helps in getting rid of Intoxication and smoking.
  • The person gets rid of negative thoughts.
  • It also helps in balancing the Cortical Hormone that makes your body calm and relaxed also helps in getting rid of stress and depression.
  • It increases the blood flow in the body and slows the heart rate.
  • Reduces the anxiety attacks and also helps in reducing the pre-menstrual syndrome.
  • Mental disorders like Dementia, Schizophrenia, OCD also stays away if you meditate regularly.
  • Memory becomes sharp.
  • Get relief from Headaches.
  • Help in understanding the purpose of life
  • Get rid of anxiety.
  • The attitude will be positive.
  • Enlightenment is attained.

Many great people in our society like Baba Ramdev and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and much more has done a study. Just to get the brief about these people and we have read few things about Baba Ramdev, who, we think has made a lot of difference in today’s world by his unique style of Yoga.

He left his home at an early age to do Mindfulness Meditation in the Himalayas and to achieve his inner self. According to him, to do Mindfulness Mediation you need a place where you have no luxury and a lot of peace around.

According to our source, he said, “I am fortunate enough that I was born in a beautiful place in Uttranchal and that this place is called Dev Bhoomi, means the place where God himself spent their life. When I see the comparison between the people in Uttranchal and the people in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai, etc I found it hard to believe that these are same people created by God.

In the big city, people have no time for themselves, whereas, in a small city like Rudraprayag, Rishikesh, Haridware, etc people have enough time to look after themselves and their neighbours. Their dreams are limited and their demands are achievable so they are less fragile to depression and diseases.”

He further narrated a story and said, “I will tell you a short story. One of my uncles came to Delhi in search of better and luxurious life. As he was young and used to do a lot of hard work like working in the fields, to go up and down for all his small work in the village. As there were no roads at that time so he got fed up and then once he met one of his school days friend who was in Delhi at that time.

He was so impressed with his life, so he decided to move to Delhi with him. After coming to Delhi and with the initial struggle he got a good job and did well thereafter. He opened a shop and now everything seems to be going well and he started enjoying the life. After some time he went back to the Village and asked his friends to come along with him for a better life in the city. After staying there for few days he came back to the city.

In few years he was settled there and expanded his business for a better livelihood. With the passing time, he has no time for himself and he got gray hair, big fat tummy, and many other physical issues because he was busy in expanding his business, he has no time for any exercise or any other physical activities.

Then once he went to a Doctor and he asked him to do all the checkups of his body. He was not even able to walk properly as he has a lot of pain in his legs. When the Doctor’s report came he told him that he has an issue of BP and Diabetes and he needs to have the medicine on daily basis to keep his health in check.

After a period of 20 yrs, he got an invitation for his friend’s son’s wedding. When he reached his village he was not able to walk few steps of the path which he used to, while he was in the village. When he saw his friend he was amazed, they hug each other and he was so surprised to see his friend who was still so healthy and was still well built.

He was not able to say anything at that point of time but he realized that what he has studied in school i.e. Health is Wealth is a factual statement and not a myth. After some time his old friends gathered and they started asking how he is enjoying in the city and how they are still working hard but still not getting anything in the result but he was not able to say anything at that time.”

The point of the story is that people living in the city are just after the wealth and are forgetting their health. They are up to a conclusion that people in today’s world lead a very disturbing life. There is only Guided Meditation and Yoga to overcome their fear and depression.

Many surveys show that in India or in the World people has joined the campus of these great people to overcome their stressed life with the help of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.

Meditation is not any kind of spiritual practice, in fact, it is a way to get know your inner voice. With several health benefits of Meditation and guided meditation, one can even rid of many life-threatening diseases also. These benefits of meditation are helpful for even pregnant women also. They too can take advantage of meditation while their pregnancy.

Like a woman starts her life as a daughter, a friend, a lover, wife and then a mother. In all these stages she plays different roles and faces many changes in her life. She deals with many different situations also but while pregnancy she needs more love and attention because of the fluctuation of hormones and mood swings.

At this important time, guided meditation is the best remedy for her. Meditation while pregnancy helps a woman to be calm and relaxed which is important at that time. It also helps in getting rid of phobias and stress.

Apart from health benefits, it has Spiritual Benefits also. Mindfulness Meditation is not bound to any particular religion so anyone can do it. It helps you to know about yourself and more you practice it the more you know about yourself. It gives a true personal transformation.

To get the most of the meditation or to get the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It will not take much of your time and if you do it regularly it will become a part of your routine. Meditation is like a seed, it grows with the time and becomes a tree and will give the fruit along with the shade.

As we have told earlier also that anyone can do Meditation and there is no condition of the age or religion as well. Those who have a busy schedule, for them Guided Meditation is the best way to rejuvenate their mind and body. They feel great to take out few minutes from their busy schedule to refresh themselves.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation For Students

As we already mentioned that Meditation is for all and so there is no condition of age or religion. It is very beneficial for students too. Even kids are worried at the time of exams and about their results.

Though these days there are many counseling sessions arranged in school and outside the schools. But mindfulness meditation is the best among all.

Many times we have heard that kids those with sensitive heart either attempt to  suicide or think of taking this step because of fear of exams. In such critical situations, Mindfulness Meditation helps them a lot.

Through meditation, they will be able to concentrate and can give more focus on their studies. This will also boost their confidence, their mental strength, and energy to fight with any kind of situation.

Types of Meditation

As we know that Meditation is an effective stress reduction technique. Also, it helps in improving the quality of our life and reduces or decreases our sickness. Meditation helps in achieving the alertness or awareness while practicing. Also, Authentic Meditation helps us in focusing on the present rather than in past or future.

Though there are many types of meditations are there but here we will know about the most notable 3 meditations. They are Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, and Vipassana Meditation.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation 

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is easy to learn also it suits well among the general population. At many places, it is free of cost and also, it is used in many hospitals for many patients and staff.

The feedback shared by people is that they feel more comfortable and energetic since they follow it. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is also beneficial for a severe migraine or psychological stress.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is one of the forms of mantras for meditation. It is mostly recommended and popular in students. It helps in concentrating and avoid the distraction of different thoughts.

A student is advised to do Transcendental Meditation or mantras for meditation twice a day for around 15-20 minutes in the morning and 15-20 minutes in the evening to get the best out of it.

Mindfulness Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation is exactly what is happening as it happens or clear awareness. It is the oldest Buddhist Meditation practice. It proceeds slowly with the time and its aim is to see the truth of life. Vipassana Meditation is a kind of training of your mind to make you more aware and attentive.


People like yoga guru and many others have now induced people about the importance of a healthy life. So more and more people are getting aware of Mindfulness Meditation. Also now we have such a big campaign of Yoga and Meditation running free of cost in most of the cities. These campaigns are very successful which is very good for our society and our health. I insist to follow Meditation as it would result in biggest transformation and make you life to the fullest. It would also help in increasing your concentration, make your body and mind beautiful, etc. Please don’t forget to mention your experience about Meditation and how it helped in transforming your life.

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